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How Early Can You Take A Pregnancy Test After Missed Period

This can be one of the much asked questions by many, when to take a Pregnancy test? This is the most asked by women who are planning to get pregnant. There are many who wish to take this test as soon as possible so that they get to know the good news. But just wait, it might as well be too soon.

Technically speaking, the first day or your last period is said to be the very first day of your pregnancy, but you are really not pregnant during that stage. We need to know how pregnancy works and more about the ovulation period and how it is all tied together before planning for pregnancy.

Many people think that they get pregnant just as they have sex without protection, but the fact is that the actual time when a woman can get pregnant is quite small. It is just 12 – 24 hours on the day of ovulation. Ovulation is the time when the body releases the egg and once the egg gets fertilized, it moves to the uterus where the lining gets implanted. If the egg does not get fertilized, you normal periods continue. But, how early can you take a Pregnancy test after your missed period and many are also worried about the pregnancy test accuracy.

As per many clinics and the doctors from across the world, many of the pregnancy tests are 99 % accurate and are to be taken after a missed period. Thanks to the home test kits, you can now do these tests from the comfort of your own home. All you need to do is to open the test and place it under the urine flow and you need to wait for some time to check the results.

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You can get a negative result if you take the test too early. But you can get a false positive too but the chances are very rare and this can be with a defective test strip.

Let us know have a look at some of those signs which can help you understand as to when to test for pregnancy.

  1. You have now missed your period: This is known to be the very first and the most reliable signs of pregnancy. But things can get a bit tricky if you do not monitor your menstrual cycle properly, but you can opt for this test if it is more than a month for your last period. Menstrual cycle at times gets delayed due to various other reasons as well. So, it is better to do a pregnancy test at your home before coming to a conclusion.
  2. You now have a lot of cramps: Being implanted can also cause a feeling which is similar to the cramps which one gets during their menstrual cycle. This is time when you might feel that your menstrual cycle is due but it never happens. This is the time when you can test for pregnancy.

If you are still wondering as to how early can you test for pregnancy, do wait for few days after you have missed your period and start with a home pregnancy test kit. If you find a positive test result, then you can consult a doctor and they would continue with further tests.

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