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5 Months Pregnant Ultrasound, Symptoms, Belly Size – What to Expect

5 Months Pregnant Ultrasound, Symptoms and Belly Size

Congratulations on reaching 5 months pregnant! The thought that there is a new life developing in your body can be both exciting and a little scary. Regardless of how you feel about it, know that usually for most there are a lot of mixed emotions. But the good news is you have made it through the first stage (trimester) and are well into the second at 5 months pregnant!

Some of the questions you might be asking yourself:

  • What size is my baby?
  • How developed is my baby?
  • Will I have a boy or a girl? 

Well, with the advancement of technology, all these questions can find answers with an ultrasound scan. It is now possible to clearly see your unborn baby at the 20 week or 5-month pregnant mark. An ultrasound scan can help you know the gestation age, development, and health of your baby. This can go a great way in helping you know that your unborn love is growing and developing normally.

What are the Symptoms in the 5th Month of Pregnancy?

Around this time most expectant moms start to feel their baby kick. What started as a flutter is now an obvious “bump” when the baby moves about in the uterus. You will most feel the baby moving more when you rest quietly.

You might have a slight protrusion with a first pregnancy, or not quite showing if it is your first. The “bump” can vary a lot depending on baby size, and your physical development. Your ultrasound results will vary, but you will see your baby clearly in the pictures and you will know what sex you are carrying if the baby cooperates!

This is a fascinating sight, observing your baby in their protected environment! You can relate to your baby and enjoy movements if you place a hand on your bump, and you get a sign to show you are being felt by your baby.

You may experience different signs, but morning sickness and fatigue is mostly gone! You might continue to experience other changes like extra dark spots on your skin from the extra hormones. Your eyesight might change from the hormonal changes in your body. These things are temporary.

The 5 Months Pregnant First Ultrasound Scan

It is a very exciting experience to have your first ultrasound either 2D or 3D ultrasound scan, which with a lot of clarity and real pictures that show your baby’s development so far at 5 months. 

The 3D photographs of 5 months pregnant baby size and your developing fetus are so real and life – like that will leave you feeling that you have met your baby in real time before born.

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5 Months Pregnant Belly Size

The growth and size of the belly size during the 5th-month of pregnancy vary from one woman to another. This is dependent on the body index mass. The belly size is also determined by the amount of amniotic fluid.

The size of the belly can also be influenced by your diet. A lot of rich animal product which has high-fat content can contribute to a big belly as compared to plant-based products because a plant diet is low in fats.

5 Month Healthy Pregnancy Diet

Remember that during your gestation period you are not eating for you alone but for your developing baby too. A diet that can nourish both the mother – to – be and the fetus as it grows to maturity in your womb.

It is time to be watchful of your weight and healthy choosing. If you have done this from the beginning, good for you! If not, it is time to keep an eye your food habits and make them count with healthy foods instead of sweets and fatty indulgences.

Some women develop temporary diabetes and this means a tighter observation on empty carbs like sugar and white flour. Weight gain should be slowed considerably. Cravings, yup they happen! Indulge in prudent selections and you should be fine unless your medical professional says otherwise.

Fish or poultry that is baked (stay away from too many fried foods) and steam your veggies, limit pasta (empty carbs).

What Happens to Belly Fat and Weight Gain When 5 Months Pregnant

It is a very common phenomenon that during the pregnancy period, you are likely to increase in weight due to hormonal changes that take place during the fetus development.

The belly also grows proportionately in order to accommodate the growing baby thus expanding the womb.

Some women even after giving birth will still have huge and extended bellies which make them look like they are still pregnant. The good news is that you can regain your flat belly figure and your general body shape with the help of exercise.

The belly fats are caused by two kinds of fats that cause your belly to extend. These fats are the omentum and subcutaneous fats. You can burn these fats through exercise and a proper healthy diet.

Pregnancy 5th Month Sleeping Positions

Now is the time to get some nursing bras for supporting your growing breasts and keep them supported. Enjoy no more morning sickness or tired like the first few months, it should be gone! Once you are showing, it is time to change sleeping positions during 5th-month pregnancy. On your back is not comfortable and it is best to rest on your left side for the best circulation for you and your baby while you are resting. Use support between your legs to relieve the pressure that happens now.

Pregnancy 5th Month Sleeping Positions

Minor problems that may arise during 5th month of pregnancy like Lower backache, fast pulse, increased vaginal mucous, “Charlie horses” in calves- to help stop one stand up on something cold if you can or have someone massage the muscle. Varicose (stick out) on your legs, and you could possibly develop hemorrhoids.

This is the time to enjoy your changing shape and your baby. Interact, talk, sing, play music. Notice the reactions you get, it is an amazing experience! Make sure to let your doctor know of any changes you are concerned with and he or she can answer your questions, and give you educated suggestions on what you can comfortably do.

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