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Can You Drink Wine While Pregnant

Drinking Alcohol And Its Impact on Pregnancy

According to medical journal drinking alcohol during pregnancy is not safe although, some doctors allow occasional drinking but in moderate quantities. At the end of a day, can you drink alcohol while pregnant is a personal choice; however, it is important to remember its supposed ramifications on an unborn baby.Wine, beers are parts of alcohol and drinking any of these beverages is harmful for a foetus as it hampers its growth process.

Effects of Drinking Wine, Beer or Any Other Form of Alcohol During Pregnancy

When an expectant mother consumes alcohol, it passes through placenta to an unborn baby. Effects of drinking wine, beer or any type of alcohol on a baby are as follows:-

  • Consumption of alcohol regularly during pregnancy intensifies the chances of a baby suffering from FASD. It has been scientifically proved that consumption of alcohol results in birth defects
  • It is sensible to avoid drinking alcohol after confirmation of a pregnancy. It is difficult to break down enzymes in beverages that have alcohol contents as it takes nearly ten to twelve hours for a pregnant body to break them
  • When alcohol passes from a placenta to a baby through umbilical cord, it remains inside its bloodstream for much longer time. At this point of time organs of a baby are yet capable of breaking down the enzymes quickly. It takes them up to one hundred hours to absorb its components. This signifies that even small amount of alcohol can cause irreversible damage. Can you drink wine while pregnant is easily answered by this fact that wine, beer and other alcoholic drinks are poison for an unborn baby
  • Teratogens are present in beverages like wine and beer, that have alcoholic contents and they hamper growth and development of a foetus
  • In third month of pregnancy, a child starts growing rapidly and alcohol intake can result in mental issues like mental retardation.
  • Drinking can lead to miscarriages
  • Alcohol consumption can result in premature birth
  • If one asks a doctor Can you drink a beer while pregnant then his answer will be an absolute no because it is prudent to be safe then any regrets later on. Regular usage of beer causes neurological issues like damage to spinal cord etc. to baby
  • Consumption of any type of alcohol can lead to physical issues amongst an unborn baby or even physical deformities at the time of birth.

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Diet Soda and Pregnancy

Can You Drink Wine While Pregnant

In order to answer can you drink diet soda while pregnant, one has to be aware of certain facts. Although it has not yet been proved that diet soda causes serious harm during pregnancy, but doctors do not recommend its drinking. Next best option is to restrict its intake to minimum quantities. Following are some reasons to avoid diet soda:-

  • An increased consumption of diet soda results in decreased intake of water and other fresh drinks having valuable nutrients
  • Diet soda has caffeine contents that is harmful in pregnancy
  • Usage of non-caloric sweetener in diet soda causes injuries to foetus
  • Diet soda can also lead to higher levels of insulin
  • Continuous drinking of diet soda leads to problems in functioning of kidneys
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