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Can You Drink Normal Tea, Black Tea or Herbal Tea While Pregnant

Pregnancy and Various Variants of Tea

Tea is a delicious beverage that includes polyphenols, antioxidants and healthful caffeine. In pregnancy, it is comforting and safe with health benefits. Different variants of tea are available in market like black tea and herbal tea, but brewing a nice cup of normal tea is safest and best available option during pregnancy.

Normal Tea During Pregnancy

Can You Drink Tea While Pregnant? Yes, one can, but it is important to identify the varieties that will not cause any harm to expecting mother and her baby. It is prudent to drink tea in a limited capacity to avoid any aftereffects. One must talk to a doctor before drinking more than two-three cups of tea per day as they can cause interference in folic acid absorption. Benefits of drinking tea are as follows:-

  • Minerals and vitamins present in tea ensures overall health of a body during pregnancy
  • Hot, normally brewed tea gives a feeling of warmth
  • Normal tea helps in settling of queasiness in stomach during pregnancy
  • It provides a feeling of relaxation and is soothing
  • As it has anti-oxidant properties it helps to neutralize damages caused by free radicals
  • Tea consists of Polyphenols that is good for heart
  • Various nutrients in a tea provides a boost to an immune system
  • Anti-oxidant properties in tea minimizes risk of having cancer
  • Homemade tea has a soothing effect on abdominal cramps
  • It provides relief from swelling in legs because of excessive amount of water retention
  • A cup of hot tea provides relief from migraine and also back pain
  • Some varieties of tea helps in digestion and in preventing constipation

Black Tea During Pregnancy

One of the most common varieties of non-herbal tea is black tea. It consists of blends like Orange Pekoe, Earl Grey and English breakfast. Amongst all types of teas, it has the most caffeine contents and hence is not advised by doctors. Made from tea plant leaves, it is popular in both hot and cold formats. A cup of black tea contains forty to one hundred mg of caffeine contents and therefore it is not sensible to drink this chai, tea during pregnancy on a regular basis. It is a natural diuretic and maximizes urine frequency. It is sensible to avoid black tea during pregnancy third trimester as it can cause disturbance in sleeping pattern and increase levels of blood pressure.

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Herbal Tea During Pregnancy

Some medical practitioners recommend Herbal tea during pregnancy as it provides vital nutrients like magnesium, calcium and iron that are beneficial to a pregnant woman. Following are some benefits of drinking herbal teas during pregnancy:

  • Hydration– Drinking of herbal tea is one simple way to keep a pregnant body hydrated
  • Good nutrient source– Herbalists recommend usage of herbal tea as it contains potassium, magnesium, vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin A, iron and calcium contents that are beneficial for pregnancy.
  • Reduce morning sickness– Some variants of herbal tea like mint tea, peppermint tea and ginger tea provide relief by reducing symptoms of morning sickness
  • Better sleep-Chamomile herbal tea has soothing and calming properties and helps to sleep better


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