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What to Expect in Week 11 of Your Pregnancy

11 Week Pregnancy

Eleventh Week of Pregnancy: Week by Week

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The week has finally arrived when you will see a little of physical change in you. Every woman expecting a child spends a little of her time every morning checking the size of her belly just to know if it has shown a change yet.

So, after a wait of about ten long pregnancy weeks, the soon to-be-moms will now spot the change in the appearance of their belly. But it may take quite a hard time for those in pregnancy week 11 to decide on what clothes to wear for the present week and for the weeks that are to come. Because, on one hand the physical change of Pregnancy week 11 will make you a little apprehensive to slip into your daily clothes and on the other hand, it is too early to shop for your maternal wardrobe.

This happens because the eleventh week pregnancy mainly focuses on three major factors: Growth, development and the progress of your little one. Yes, the three words mentioned mean one and the same. This is a stage where your embryo will start to take a definite form of a tiny little baby. Let’s know what to expect at 11 weeks pregnant.

11th Week of Pregnant Symptoms

The 11 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms that are seen in the baby:-

  • It is now when his petite fingers and tiny toes will start to grow nails.
  • It will also begin to get baby tooth buds under his gums
  • The hair follicles are also formed in this week’s progress.
  • The average size of an 11 week old baby in its mother’s womb is about 1 ½ inches long.
  • The bones formed in the past weeks will show a relative change in the present week.
  • The baby at 11 weeks pregnant will soon be able to move his hands and make a movement of opening and closing of his fists.
  • The sense organs, mainly the ears move to take their permanent position on the either sides of the head.
  • Also, it is the start of the development of the baby’s reproductive organs.
  • The little one will begin to kick and stretch making his mother feel like a water balloon moving inside her womb.

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Your Baby’s 11th Week Ultrasound

11 weeks ultrasound scan will help you to define multiple pregnancy as well as fetal development. Sometime woman looking to determine the status of the amniotic as well. It will also helps to indicate the genetic diseases during the ultrasound scan. Here you can find some of the ultrasound pictures during 11 weeks of pregnancy:-
11 week pregnant ultrasound

What Your Belly Will Look Like 11 Weeks Pregnant

The eleven week old pregnant woman will also undergo quite a few changes in herself. 11 Weeks Pregnant Belly will see a drastic change. While the initial stages of increase in the size of belly will make you feel excited, but as the time passes by you will go through a mixture of emotions. The people you are surrounded by must understand that the temperament of a mother-to-be is never standard or stable.

The changes that are seen in the mother:-

  • You will either have a sudden hair growth that will make your hair lustrous or a sudden rise in the hair fall will be noticed. However, post the delivery, all the hair that has grown now will leave you with a high hair fall issues.
  • The hair growth is not only seen on your head, but also on various odd places of the body.
  • There will be an increase in the heartbeat. During the normal times, a high heartbeat could result in illness. But, when in pregnancy, high heartbeat is a sign that you are healthy enough to be a mother soon.
  • You will lack interest in your favorite activities making you feel inactive most of the time.

These are a few major changes that are noticed in the baby and which are felt by the mother for the seven days of the eleventh week pregnancy.

Baby Development At 11 Weeks

Babies, at 11 weeks, can actually breath under water. In fact, that is precisely what they are doing. During weeks 10 and 11, the fetus will start to breathe – inhale and exhale – tiny bits of amniotic fluid. This may sound scary, but it helps the baby’s lungs to develop and grow. Furthermore, at 11 weeks, your baby will start to develop ears on the side of the head. The baby, however, will continue to have a huge head in comparison to the rest of the body, but this will start to even out during the next few months. You can start speaking to your baby now, and he or she may be able to hear you.

Your Health At 11 Weeks Pregnant

You may have started to develop a tiny bump at 11 weeks, particularly if this is not your first pregnancy. Most women at this point feel bloated, so you may want to start eating smaller, lighter meals. You have a uterus the size of a grapefruit pressing on your insides, and the doctor will be able to feel its top at your next examination. You will also continue to produce increased levels of estrogen and progesterone, leading to larger breasts, which are preparing to produce milk. You will need to start shopping for bras, therefore, and do consider a nursing bra if you intend to breastfeed. Don’t forget to continue taking your multivitamins.

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