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What to Expect in Week 10 of Your Pregnancy

Tenth Week of Pregnancy: Week by Week

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As pregnancy reaches its tenth week, risk of miscarriage becomes less and less. There is now a feeling of completing first trimester and all pregnant women are so confident after viewing the 10 weeks pregnant ultrasound. Some common symptoms that a woman faces during this period are as follows:

  • Although morning sickness is still prevalent, body slowly starts adjusting to various hormonal changes. In some cases, nausea continues till end of term
  • Feeling of tiredness continues and sometimes becomes more intense as time passes
  • Body changes during week 10 of pregnancy have an impact on eyesight of a pregnant woman.
  • An increase in levels of progesterone hormones results in bleeding of gums
  • Although uterus is continually growing, still baby bump is not visible in mother, especially during first pregnancy
  • An increase in bloodstream as well as size of uterus results in pain at lower back and pelvic area
  • Disturbances in sleeping pattern is quite common
  • In some cases, an outbreak of acne is seen
  • Heartburn, breathlessness, dizziness and headache are common at 10th week of pregnancy
  • Constipation is a common symptom because of hormonal changes and iron medicines
  • Bloating is predominant at tenth week

Development of Your Baby At Its 10th Week

10 Week Fetal Development
Development of Fetus at 10th Week and What your baby looks like on 10th week

Baby at ten weeks has concluded most vital part of development as before this period it is considered to be at a risk. Ten week fetus is more than one inch and weighs even less than one fourth of an ounce. Now fetal period starts and organs and other body parts start growing and maturing to make baby stronger and active.

At 10th week, unborn baby is officially a fetus and some of its important characteristics are as follows:-

  • Ten weeks pregnancy baby size is at about twenty two mm to an estimated thirty mm
  • Weight of unborn baby is at nearly four gm.
  • Neck of baby starts taking shape
  • Muscles in body are mostly developed
  • Nose and mouth cavity are joined whereas jaws are formed
  • At this stage, vital organ of baby continues to grow.
  • Nerves take their place and start functioning
  • Now skeleton is complete
  • Lungs, liver, brain and kidneys continue to grow and mature
  • Heartbeat becomes stronger and it starts functioning by pumping blood throughout the body
  • Hair becomes visible during this time.
  • Instead of webbed proper fingers and toes are seen
  • Baby starts feeding itself nutrients from mother as Amniotic fluid is swallowed by baby at tenth week
  • Baby starts its movement by shifting his/her position and wriggling a bit
  • Kicking of legs starts during this week
  • It is possible to see the presence of nose and ears
  • Development of stomach is under progress
  • Intestines at this stage are hollow tubes
  • Brain cells continue to grow rapidly
  • Eyelids of fetus is closed at this juncture
  • Development of ankle joints and wrists continue
  • Formation of outward sex organs starts and continues
  • Development of diaphragm starts now

Ultrasound At Tenth Weeks

Doctor advice ultrasound at tenth week to check on growth of baby as most of the organs has started their development. Other important factors determining 10 weeks pregnant ultrasound are as follows:-

  • Ultrasound shows baby’s head which is nearly half the size of its body
  • Detection of Ten-week ultrasound heartbeat is easy. In an ultrasound, it is possible to see the heart functioning normally by supplying blood throughout its body. A couple is able to hear sounds of baby’s heart for first time at tenth week through ultrasound
  • Ten weeks pregnant ultrasound makes structure of spine and the numerous stretching of spinal nerves visible
  • Growth of hair on baby becomes visible in ultrasound
  • Baby skin is translucent now and it is possible to see and determine functioning of internal organs
10 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Pregnancy Symptoms When a Baby is at 10 Weeks

Although major symptoms like morning sickness and headache becomes minimum but persistent and new symptoms a pregnant woman has to face are as follows:-

  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Mild pain in abdominal area
  • Pain in pelvic and lower back
  • Depression and emotional changes
  • Changes in breasts as they become heavier and sensitive
  • Weight gain at a rapid rate
  • Problem of breathlessness
  • Pain in joints
  • Constipation
  • Outbreak of acne
  • General feeling of continuous thirst and hunger pangs

Changes in the Fetus During the 10th Week

If we talking about 10th weeks, there are numerous changes in fetus and mother undergoes following changes:-

  • When a mother is 10 weeks 2 days pregnant forehead of fetus bulges as brain starts developing. Fetal head will become normal with time as forehead flattens gradually. Hair follicles also start their growth in this period
  • During tenth week of pregnancy, diaphragm of a baby starts developing and it starts to separate abdomen and chest giving them individual identity
  • At 10 weeks 3 days pregnant, webbed fingers become separated and fingernails start growing on individual nails. Legs and hands are very thin and continues their growth
  • Cartilage and bones also continue with their growth process
  • Baby at ten weeks weighs from three to four grams
  • Liver of baby starts producing blood cells and yolk sac gradually disappears
  • Kidney, brain and intestines start functioning on their own during this period. Intestines during ten weeks is a hollow tube and it has muscles that is helpful for a baby as it allows it to prepare for swallowing.
  • Optical structure of eyes is already in its proper place and its development continues as pregnancy progresses
  • If a mother is 10 weeks 4 days pregnant, her uterus is simply double the previous size

Your Baby’s Gender at Ten Weeks

One of the most common method of knowing an unborn baby’s condition and its gender is through ultrasound.   Woman is asked to come with her bladder full so that it becomes easy to perform an ultrasound. Following are some important facts for fetus at 10 weeks:-

  • Baby’s heartbeats are now clear and can be heard quite easily
  • Framework of spine becomes visible through skin which is very translucent
  • Spinal nerves start stretching from spinal cord and is visible in ultrasound
  • One can easily determine length of fetus which is nearly 1.1/4th inch or nearly 3.1 cm
  • 10 weeks ultrasound gender is possible as a baby’s sexual organs are complete, but a doctor waits for some more time to confirm his/her diagnosis


Pregnancy and baby at ten weeks arrive at a point when they are both now safe from a perpetual risk. It is time when both mother and fetus undergo various changes to make a baby develop and become strong.


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