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What to Expect in Week 13 of Your Pregnancy

Thirteen Week of Pregnancy: Week by Week

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Lucky week 13 has arrived and you are hopefully feeling well. Just think – in a few short months you will be welcoming a precious new baby into the world. Enjoy the journey.


Symptoms / What to Expect

A lot of your previous symptoms will start to become less severe, or even go away now. You may be experiencing some heartburn during this week. You may even start feeling some belly flutters from baby’s movement, if not, that’s okay! It is still early. Your breast may already start making and leaking colostrum, or thick yellow fluid, that comes before your milk.

Can you feel the baby at 13 weeks? Maybe, but just know that most women feel baby’s first movements between weeks 16 and 24. 

Is that a bump, or is that bloat? It is hard to determine for many women. Often times, bloat appears to come and go, while a bump remains the same size. Regardless of what it is, it is part of the process of pregnancy, so embrace your bump/bloat. 

Baby’s Development

Baby’s head and body have about a 1:1 size ratio, but the body is starting to lengthen longer than the head. They are measuring about 3.75 inches, or about the size of a peapod! Even soft hair is starting to grow on your baby’s body. Everyone has a unique set of fingerprints, and your baby is no exception as of week 13. The placenta is still growing and will continue for the next 5-7 weeks as the baby continues to grow.

Belly Size

Be prepared to start gaining on average a pound per week, as baby starts gaining weight and morning sickness ends. However, recommendations change based on pre-pregnancy BMI.

13 week Ultrasound

You will notice that the baby has formed some body parts, as well as an audible heartbeat. Your baby also has a functioning kidney and urinary tract system and is able to produce urine already. Better start stocking up on diapers!


Continue to exercise if you have been active throughout your pregnancy. If you have not, think about starting a light fitness routine that is approved by your doctor. 

Continue to consume small frequent meals throughout the day. Baby will start needing extra calories, but you are not quite doubling calorie intake or “eating for two.” There is no need to count calories yet, just increase intake as your appetite improves.

Shopping List

As your belly grow, you may notice stretch marks or itchiness, try a pregnancy safe body oil that can help with both!

If you have not already, this is a great time to start documenting your growing belly each week to show changes. This device makes it easy to print photos right from your phone!

Week 13 is an exciting one and it is fun to see how different women have varying experiences during the same week. Which one are you experiencing? Bump or bloat? Let us know below!


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