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What to Expect in Week 4 of Your Pregnancy

Fourth Week of Pregnancy: Week by Week

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This will be right time to confirm your pregnancy. You can confirm your pregnancy only after pregnancy after missing your periods. If it is confirmed that you are a pregnant you should change your diet and life style as it is very critical point in your baby’s development.

Normally at this time you experts for periods to arrive so without any symptoms you can guess about your pregnancy. When you think about what to expect at 4 weeks pregnant you can find missed menstrual periods, hormonal changes, vomiting. During 4th week of pregnancy your body starts producing pregnancy hormone HGC. Due to this hormone we get some symptoms of pregnancy.

4th Week of Pregnancy Symptoms

4 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms are like light spotting, this is due to implantation bleeding. Spotting should not be heavy. It will be light pink or light brown colour. Nausea or vomiting sensation, here certain food smells may make you fell vomiting and for some women nose will be sharp in smelling, light-headedness, fainting, dizziness, exhaustion, and mood swings, 4 Weeks Pregnant Cramping is common in pregnancy as it is sign of implantation and some women says cramping akin to light menstrual cramps and cramping with severe pain is not considered as normal, tender or swollen breast, this is most uncomfortable symptom that occurs in pregnancy. It is worse than the sensation that occurs before your normal periods. Your breast may enlarge or be sour to touch and sometimes you may feel tingling sensation, some women feel tired.

4 week pregnancy

At the time of 4-5 Weeks Pregnant baby will be in the size of poppy seed and embryonic period begins at this stage. The embryo has two layers epiblast and hypo blast. From these layers the organs and body parts will develop. Organs of the baby starts developing at this stage and some will even begin to function. At this stage primitive placenta will be made of two layers. During 4th week amnion sac and yolk sac develops. Amniotic fluid is filled in amnion sac this is where the baby grows and develops. And amniotic protects embryo. Yolk sac provides nutrients; blood to the baby until placenta takeovers the duty. When both liver placentas takes their job yolk disappears completely. Baby’s vascular network is growing at this stage and it helps in transport of blood, oxygen and nutrients from mother to baby through umbilical cord.

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During pregnancy your body undergoes many changes. 4 Weeks Pregnant Belly don’t have any difference in its size or look as there will no visible baby at this stage.

Good and nutritious diet is very important during pregnancy. So you should have balanced and healthy diet. Being overweight may lead to risk during delivery which may lead to cesarean. It is better to avoid junk food, caffeine as over consumption of coffee some time leads to miscarriage, cheese, raw meat, fishes that contain more amount of mercury etc. we should take care that our diet contains proteins, dairy, fresh fruits, vegetables, leafy vegetables and iron contents.

What to expect in the 4th week of Pregnancy

During week four of your pregnancy, you may find out that you are pregnant, although most women don’t find out until they are between five and six weeks pregnant. At this point, the zygote, which is the fertilized egg, implants in your uterus’ wall. The umbilical cord and placenta start to form. It is very important that you continue to focus on your health and nutrition at this point. Supplement at least with folic acid, vitamin D, and calcium. These are all essential for the proper growth and development of your unborn child. You should have started taking those around a month before becoming pregnant.

Belly Size At 4 Weeks Pregnant

If you have very regular menstrual cycles, you may have just had a positive pregnancy test at this point in time. There are some physical symptoms to look out for already, such as finding that your breasts are incredibly tender. This usually happens even before you experience morning sickness. Your sense of taste and smell may also change. Your belly size, at this point, will remain mostly unchanged, however. Your baby, at this point, is still just a zygote, or a fertilized egg. It contains just 32 cells and is about as big as a poppy seed (0.04 oz in weight and 0.01″ in length).

Development Of The Baby During The Fourth Week Of Pregnancy

At four weeks pregnancy, you have a minuscule embryo in your uterus. However, just because it’s tiny does not mean it’s not important. It is at week four that your embryo splits into two. Half of it will turn into your placenta, which is the tissue that provides your baby with oxygen and nutrients while in the womb. The other half of the embryo becomes your baby. The neural tube will start to be formed at this point, and this will become your child’s backbone, spinal cord, and brain. None of this is visible yet, however, as the embryo is still classed as a zygote (fertilized egg).

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