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What to Expect in Week 3 of Your Pregnancy

Third Week of Pregnancy: Week by Week

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Baby at 3 Weeks pregnant is an embryo that includes numerous cells that are constantly multiplying. The embryo travels from Fallopian tube to implant itself on walls of uterus. A small part of this cell eventually forms placenta that releases pregnancy hormone by name of HCG, in to blood stream and in urine. It also results in an increase in levels of progesterone and estrogen hormones.

Although hormones cause numerous changes inside a body, but 3 Weeks pregnant belly is flat with no outward sign of pregnancy. An embryo is nearly .oo6 inches in length and at this time amniotic sac starts developing with accumulation of amniotic fluids around it.

Early Pregnancy Signs, Symptoms and What to Expect

Most of the women thinking about the early pregnancy signs and searching on different search engines about this issue and not able to find correct answer. 3 Weeks pregnant symptoms includes the following:-

  • Nausea and tendency to vomit – One of the earliest symptoms of pregnancy is a feeling of nausea and in most case, at three weeks t is accompanied by severe bouts of vomiting
  • Light bleeding – Spotting during implantation is common during third week, but it is very light and of pinkish color
  • Abdominal cramping – It is normal to experience 3 weeks and 5 days pregnant cramping. In some cases, it is a first sign of pregnancy that occurs as the body starts adjusting to new hormonal changes. Cramps at this time are of brief duration and very mild.
  • Fatigue – After conception it is normal to experience extreme fatigue that lasts throughout first trimester. It is the result of an increase in levels of progesterone hormones that causes exhaustion through hormonal changes
  • Tender breast – At three weeks the breasts become swollen and are sensitive to touch because of an increase in blood flow to its veins.
  • Frequency in urine – Urination is more frequent during pregnancy due to various hormonal changes
  • Elevated temperature of a body – It is a universal Signs of 3 Weeks pregnant as the basal-body temperature remains high
  • Bloated feeling – This is a common occurrence at three weeks and is similar to feelings during menstruation
  • Constipation – An increase in levels of progesterone relaxes muscles in stomach causing slower digestion of food. This may sometimes lead to constipation.

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3 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Your Pregnant Belly at 3 Weeks

Pregnancy is not easily determined during the first week but as time passes, our body starts changing and experiencing certain hormonal and physical changes. At three weeks, the fertilized egg made from the sperm and egg travels towards uterus and implants itself on its walls. After imbedding, a single fertilized cell now starts multiplying in to numerous cells. 3 Weeks 3 days or 5 days pregnant body goes through many changes that are both physical and of hormonal nature.

Cramping in Week Three of Pregnancy

If one is to ask what to expect at 3 Weeks pregnant, then one obvious answer is cramping, as they are frequent at this time. Little information about cramps is as follows-

  • Cramps in stomach are normal part of early pregnancy as they result from numerous changes that a body is going through.
  • 3 Weeks pregnant cramps are at the same time when a period was due.
  • Cramping is a normal experience during implantation.
  • During sexual intercourse, a woman may suffer from cramps at three weeks pregnancy.

Cramping is preventable by having relaxed baths, curling up on a sofa with hot-water bag and from a gentle back rub.

Ultrasound at 3 Weeks Pregnant

When you are going for 3 weeks pregnant ultrasound then don’t expect any visible result from this. This stage is too early to detect any fetus or baby. The main purpose to see the 3 weeks ultrasound is to check the pregnancy but most of the lady expecting the fetus from ultrasound which is not correct.

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