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What to Expect in Week 8 of Your Pregnancy

Eighth Week of Pregnancy: Week by Week

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Women usually schedule their first appointment with a gynecologist at eighth week. At this time doctor suggests an ultrasound so that exact date of conception can be determined. Testing is possible only at a doctor’s clinic or at a hospital or a lab authorized by medical practitioner.

An 8 weeks ultrasound or 8 weeks pregnant symptoms includes forming a picture with help of sound waves. Under this method, a conductive gel is spread on pregnant belly by a qualified technician and then a scanner is glided over it. This helps in an image formation as sound waves pass through and back to and from uterus.


Symptoms of Pregnancy at 8 Weeks

As pregnancy moves towards eighth week, a pregnant woman adjusts it with numerous changes happening inside and outside the body. Some important pregnancy symptoms at 8 weeks are as follows:

  • Breasts become more tender and sensitive to touch because of an overflow of blood in breast tissues. Appearance of Varicose Veins at this time suggests nature’s hand in preparing body for breastfeeding at later stage.
  • Areola seems darker and nipples become larger because of developing Montgomery tubercles. Sometimes Colostrum, a yellow colored thick discharge happens in nipples.
  • Growing and expanding embryo can cause cramps in abdominal area.
  • Weight gain can lead to pain in back.

Your Baby at its 8th Week

Body during pregnancy week 8 signifies various internal changes taking place and 8 weeks pregnant symptoms showing in your body and health. Changes occurring inside the body at this time are as follows:

  • Embryo becomes ready to step in next stage and is now fetus.
  • At this time an 8 weeks pregnant body shows a baby that has tiny legs and arms and buds where later the feet and hands will grow
  • Length of fetus is at nearly eighteen mm
  • Face starts taking a shape
  • It is easy to determine tooth buds, nostrils and a little mouth
  • Eyes begin to grow at this stage
  • Heart has already started beating by this time
  • Formation of internal organs has started
  • Babies usually start their movement at eighth week although the mother is unable to feel it.
  • Weight of baby at this stage is nearly three grams
  • Intestines start growing lengthier
  • Gonads start forming according to the sex of a child
  • Bones starts hardening at wrists and elbows
  • Joints start taking shape

Ultrasounds at 8 Weeks of Pregnancy

  1. Knowledge of the baby gestational time- if you are not sure when the baby was conceived ultrasound can help you detect the exact date for proper documentation for clinic dates.
  2. 7 to 8 weeks pregnant ultrasound helps in bleeding indications- ultrasound may help notify any bleeding occurrences.
  3. Ectopic pregnancy indicator- through it, gynecologist and patient get to see whether the embryo is attached on the uterus. Thereby mitigating the risks that come with unnoted ectopic pregnancy.
  4. To check for the size of the fetus. And whether the size is reasonable within the standard parameters.
  5. Baby ultrasound at 8 weeks checks whether one is carrying more than baby.

In conclusion, ultrasound at 8 weeks of pregnancy is safe and quite important because of the aforementioned reasons. Enjoy your next ultrasound appointment, listen to your baby’s heartbeat and look forward to them! Cheers!
Sometimes a doctor will suggest ultrasounds at regular and quick intervals for following reasons-

  • Doctor feels that it is a high-risk pregnancy
  • If pain persists in abdominal area
  • Signs of bleeding is seen repeatedly
  • When patient has an history of birth defects
  • In case patient previously had fibroid or cysts in ovary
  • If a doctor finds something out of ordinary during prenatal check-up
  • When patient is already suffering from ailments like gestational diabetes or any other chronic illness

8 weeks is a initial stage of pregnancy, after checking the ultrasound picture you will get an idea about the baby development and how big is an 8 week fetus.
8 Weeks Pregnant Utrasound

Ultrasound is a safe mode of determining pregnancy at any stage. 8 week Pregnancy ultrasound scan is successful in determining presence of one or more babies (twins) and is advised by doctors time to time for the following reasons:-

  • In order to determine gestational age
  • Whether Fallopian tubes and ovaries are in proper working conditions
  • Checking embryo’s heartbeat
  • To check size of embryo
  • Checking size of placenta
  • Occurrence of bleeding is easily determined through this test
  • Determining functioning of umbilical cord

As a mother, one is always anxious about the thought of another being growing inside them. Although it is a beautiful journey full of varied experiences. It begins at week one, and by the time you are in week 8 you are already overthinking a lot of things. That is okay. Medics, have it that, it is okay for a mother to have a lot of stuff going on in their minds a between 7 and 8 weeks in their first trimester. These is because, at this point visible changes have started occurring like breast tenderness, constipation and acne.

Parents will involve themselves in a whole lot of activities to just find out whether their baby in the womb is doing great and ultrasound is one of the main events. What is an ultra sound? It is the image of a baby inside the mother’s womb . It is formed as a result of sound waves through, a conducive gel spread on the mother’s womb. It can be presented on the monitor or as a print out if a parent requests for it. You ask is ultrasound entirely necessary at this point? Lets delve into it.


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