21 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms, Ultrasound and Fetus Development

21 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

In 21 weeks of your pregnancy your baby weights about three quarters of a pound and 7 inches long. The baby organ’s system inside continue to develop preparing for the life outside. The umbilical cord starts growing so more blood starts traveling through it from your baby. Your baby starts swallowing small amount of amniotic fluid that helps in growing the digestive system. Most of the babies hiccup in 21 weeks pregnant. As your baby grows stronger and larger these movements will be stronger.

In this week your 21 Week Fetus growth will be slow as more concentration will be in developing the central nervous system. The baby’s hearing becomes better now as your baby can now hear the voice when you speak, sing and the baby can also hear sounds and conversations coming from the outside world. And the baby’s eyebrows and eye lids will be formed in this 21 week and the hair on baby scalp is much more visible. Baby’s heartbeat will be getting stronger. In this week blood circulation of the baby also increases.

Some of the changes that occur during week 21 pregnancy in women are mentioned below. In this week you will put on more weight and fat along with your growing baby. By these you might face some swelling problems, leg cramps and pains in your legs due to increased weight and the pressure put on the legs and this can show up on the 21 weeks Pregnant belly as well.

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Some of the most common 21 weeks pregnant symptoms can be tackled by using the pregnancy pillow or body pillow at night can help you in avoiding leg cramps during pregnancy times. And you can also try wearing supporting belts in the morning times before you get up from the bed.

And regular light exercise can also help you to control your weight and that help in better circulation both for you and to your baby. Activities like prenatal yoga and aqua aerobics can make you feel fit.

As long as you eating high nutrition food (healthy food) and maintaining healthy diet and drinking plenty of water, don’t pay too much attention on the calories. The most common thing women faces in the pregnancy time are swelling of ankles, feet end of the day. The water you drink will help so be sure to have plenty of water. Even taking a small walk a day also help you feel healthier and energetic.

You may start to notice some stretch marks on your belly and breast as your body growing. There are many lotions that help you in limiting these stretch marks. Some of the doctors can also suggest a 21 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound if the same is not done earlier.

In this twenty one week of pregnancy you may able to feel your baby twisting, turning, and kicking in the womb. And it will be a great feeling.

Week 21 Pregnancy Symptoms

Fetal movement, Hearty appetite, Flatulence, Varicose veins, Backaches, Bleeding gums, Skin, hair, and nail changes.

At this stage of pregnancy it is more important to relax both physically and mentally. Remember that your baby feels exactly what you feel. Have plenty of water and stick to a balanced diet. Stay away from fried food, junk food.
Take plenty of sleep.