26 Weeks Pregnant Fetus, Symptoms, Ultrasound: What to Expect

26 Weeks Pregnant Fetus

26 Weeks Pregnant How Many Months

If a woman is at 26 weeks it means she is at the end of pregnancy’s sixth month. This is the time when she will enter her last trimester. 26th week of pregnancy is very crucial as little changes like proper reflexes occur in this period.

Baby at 26 Weeks

 During this time most of the organs of a baby have either developed or are in developing stages.

  • An important development that occurs in a 26 weeks fetus is that of immune system by soaking various anti-bodies from its mother
  • Although eyelids of a baby have already been formed at nine weeks, but till now they were fused. Baby at 26 weeks starts blinking its eyes. Delicate eyeballs are even now sheltered by a fine membrane that disappears in final weeks of pregnancy. A baby does not respond to light at this stage.
  • Nerves inside are a baby’s ears are now almost complete and he/she is able to hear any conversation.
  • Brain is able to perform almost all functions and fetal pulse rate also heightens
  • Length of fetus at week 26 pregnancy is nearly 35.5 cm or 14 inches and it weighs nearly 762 gm
  • 26 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound shows a baby bringing moving his hands up to his face. This is because co-ordination of fetal hands is improving along with his nervous system
  • 26 weeks 4 days pregnant mother is now assured of her baby’s sex as all reproductive organs are developed and in place.
  • Pregnancy at 26 weeks often finds the baby sticking out his tongue when comes in contact with amniotic fluid

 26 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

One must continue with healthy diet and light exercises. Every pregnancy is different than other and unique in itself. Pregnancy at 26 weeks has following common symptoms

26 Weeks Pregnant What To Expect

During this time baby is very active. His sleeping and wakeful patterns become pronounced as he punches and kicks whenever a mother is resting. Uterus of a mother who is 26 weeks pregnant is continuously stretching at this time because the baby is at a developing and growth stage. This causes the abdominal muscles to weaken and results in shifting of body’s gravitational center and pain in hip and lower back area.

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26 Weeks Pregnant Weight Gain

A 26 weeks pregnant woman can feel her uterus at least two and half inches above her belly button. Her belly starts increasing on a regular basis from now on wards. A Healthy and balanced diet as well as light exercise has resulted in weight gain of nearly 18 pounds to 23 pounds. From this point on wards idyllic weight-gain is 1 pound/week.