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What to Expect in Week 31 of Your Pregnancy

31 Weeks Pregnant

Thirty-First Week of Pregnancy: Week by Week

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In this article you will find out how your body changes and baby developing during 31 weeks pregnancy.  You can also learn how you can manage your body pain and different physical problems.

When a woman is in her week 31 pregnancy, it means that she has successfully completed first month or first four weeks of her third trimester. She has stepped out of her seventh month and is now entering her eighth month of pregnancy.

If a baby is delivered in 31st week, then his/her chances of survival are at least 95% without any complications and physical anomalies.

My Baby at 31 Weeks

Baby at 31 Weeks
Following are various changes in a baby at 31st week of pregnancy :-

  • Lungs of fetus are mature enough to function on their own. But in cases of preterm deliveries they might need a bit medical assistance. Urinary tract and kidneys are fully grown and a baby starts passing urine nearly 2 cups/day. Amniotic fluid is replaced numerous times in a day for elimination of waste materials.
  • Final weeks of third trimester are very essential for development of a fetal brain. A baby at this time starts using all his/her five senses and it is the time when uncountable neuron connections are formed. Brain scans reveal particular sleep cycles indicating that a baby has even started dreaming. At this gestational stage it is possible for a baby to sense his/her mother’s emotions by hearing voices.
  • Fat layer keeps growing at this stage for keeping a baby warm and 31 week fetus starts shedding its downy hair.
  • These last weeks of gestational stage are vital for proper development of immune system. However just after birth, a baby needs breast milk so that he can upgrade his immunity levels for fighting diseases and infections.
  • In terms of reproductive development, this week is a milestone as testicles move through groin to scrotum. In a girl child clitoris is nearly developed as it waits to be covered by vulva, which is nearly grown.
  • Shoulders and neck are developed and senses related to sound, light and vision are near perfect.
  • Pregnancy at 31 weeks results in an increased size of baby. This limits his activities as he/she is now unable to get much space for excessive movements. By this week a baby is on the verge of settling down in birth-position. In some cases, baby still remains in transverse or breech position. This is normal as there is still time for him to change his position
  • At pregnancy 30 weeks a baby was 15.71 inches but at 31 weeks he is 16 inches in length and weighs 1/5 kg.

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31 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

31 Weeks Ultrasound During Pregnancy

At 31 weeks, a doctor generally suggests an Ultrasound as routine check-up. A scan will show a baby almost exactly like he/she will look at birth. A baby will have different facial expressions and will be active enough to continuously move his/her head, feet and hands.

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