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What to Expect in Week 37 of Your Pregnancy

37 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms and Ultrasound

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At 37 weeks an expectant mother has advanced fully in her ninth month of pregnancy. Babies born during this week have excellent chances of survival on their own and that to without any complications. However, it is preferred that a baby remains in womb till his due date so that lungs and brain are fully matured.

What to Expect When 37 Weeks Pregnant?

During pregnancy at 37 weeks, a baby starts its journey of moving downwards towards birthing channel. It has already taken his birth position and his head starts moving down the pelvis to become ready for birth.
As a baby moves downward, it leaves space in upper abdominal part. This allows diaphragm, ribs, lungs and stomach to stretch a little and results in an increase in appetite. It also enables a mother in breathing normally and comfortably as chest pain eases a bit. Symptoms like heartburn and indigestion are no longer prominent. A mother becomes clumsier as her center of gravity shifts once again.

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Your Baby at 37 weeks of Age

Following changes are eminent in a baby at 37 weeks:-

  • 37 Weeks pregnant baby weight is nearly 2.85 kg or 6.3 pounds and he is 19 inches long. During this last weeks of pregnancy his/her weight gain is just .5 ounce/day compared to 1 ounce/ day in earlier weeks.
  • Development of fat continues and dimples are visible in shoulders, elbows and knees and at the same time creases become prominent in wrists, neck and hips. At the time of birth size of a baby’s head is same as size of shoulders, abdomen and hips for easy birthing. This change a few weeks after a birth.
  • 37 Weeks 4 days pregnant baby’s immune system is still at developing stage
  • Umbilical cord starts passing antibodies to a baby in preparation for birth. This antibodies were previously stored by a baby for fighting against disease and germs after birth
  • 37 Week fetus starts perfecting motor coordination

Symptoms at 37 Weeks Pregnant

37 Weeks Pregnant Signs of Labor

At 37 weeks a woman can have labor pain especially if she is carrying multiples. Following are some vital signs of labor:-

  • Excessive pressure in pelvic part
  • Cramps that seem like menstrual pain
  • Bleeding or a bit of spotting
  • Frequent contractions
  • Excessive vaginal discharge
  • Throbbing pain in lower back
  • Leaking fluid
  • Nausea (Morning Sickness)
  • Increased movement of bowel

Your 37 Weeks Ultrasound When Pregnant

Ultrasounds are preferred in 37th week of pregnancy only in rare cases. If performed an Ultrasound scan will reveal a baby nearly as same as the newborn one. He/she will be breathing and moving to show that it is safe and sound.

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