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What to Expect in Week 28 of Your Pregnancy

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28 weeks pregnant means a woman is in her seventh month of pregnancy and she has stepped in her third trimester. This is the time to relax a bit and enjoy her pregnancy as serious symptoms like morning sickness and nausea are over and one can easily eat and slow down.


Beginning of third trimester is actually a stage that signifies end of pregnancy. This is the time when a doctor provides charts of fetal movements. Sometimes a baby occupies a breech position but there is still time for him/her to turn around as he/she is in only 28th week of pregnancy. If it does not happen then a doctor might suggest C-Section.

Your Baby at 28 Weeks Old

28 week fetus is undergoing final phase of growth and development. From now onwards growth and development of a fetus speeds up. If a baby is born in its 28th week its survival chances are nearly 90% without any physical or neurological defects. Following are some changes which one can find in a baby at 28 weeks-

  • Structure of brain starts getting complex as grooves and indentions develop along the surface. Brain Tissues have increased in numbers at 28th week and this result in higher levels of activity in brain. When a baby is sleeping its brain waves show definite patterns of sleep cycles. As third trimester advances sleep cycles becomes more distinctive. A baby has started dreaming by this time
  • Fat layers start developing over a fetus and it gives the baby a chubby and opaque appearance. Fingernails continue to appear and grow. Earlier fetus was covered with downy hair and now it disappears completely because the fat under the layer of skin has taken over the job of amending body-temperature.
  • Baby has started opening his eyes at 27 weeks. Now at 28 weeks his eyelids and eyebrows have formed fully and his eyes are very sensitive. It can even his/her head or blink if bright light falls on 28 weeks pregnant belly from outside. Irises have started filling with pigment during this week but color of eyes at this stage is not permanent and can change till he is one year old.
  • Baby at 28 weeks inside a womb is nearly 15 inches that is 38 cm in length and he/she weighs nearly one kg or 2.25 pounds.
  • Blood vessels at 28 weeks are still at development stage and baby is practicing movement of breathing in and out. A chemical agent is produced that prevents sticking of air sacs with each other especially when lungs start absorbing oxygen. At 28 weeks bronchial tubes have matured and have started dividing in smaller tubes.
  • At 28 weeks a baby starts taking part in numerous reflex actions. It starts sucking at a faster pace than before, grasping anything within range like umbilical cord and blinking eyes. These reflex actions are very important for a baby after he/she comes out in this world. Sticking out tongue is another reflex action of fetus during this period and it enables him to taste amniotic fluid. His/her taste buds are now very active and matured.
  • In half an hour a baby moves at least twenty times. One can keep a track of his/her movements so that any abnormality can be identified. At 28 weeks a baby tries to settles down in his position of head down, although in some cases they continue to turn for two more weeks.

28 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Doctors generally suggest 28 Weeks pregnant Ultrasound, to determine health of baby and to look for possibility of any complication. If a 2D ultrasound is carried out then it will show an overactive baby. Scalp hair on a baby continues growing and can be seen waving in amniotic fluid in an ultrasound. A baby in Ultrasound looks plump because fat builds under a baby’s skin.

He/she is continuously moving his/her legs and arms and trying to grab umbilical cord. One very common facet during this period is sucking on thumb. One can also go for a 3D ultrasound as this will provide first baby picture for an album.

Changes in my Body at 28 Weeks

Week 28 pregnancy brings about many changes in expectant mothers body. Uterus has risen at least 3.5 inches above a woman’s bellybutton in 28th week. Body secretes Relaxin hormones and this along with shifting of gravity center, loosened joints and ever-growing belly causes tripping, bumping and dropping things.

It is advisable to wear flat shoes as they are comfortable and safe while walking. One must move slowly and with ease to avoid any mishaps. Idyllic Weight gain during third trimester is nearly five pounds and more or less than it should be consulted by a doctor.
28 weeks pregnant woman might notice secretion of a yellowish fluid that is thick in consistency, leaking from her nipples. This is nothing to worry about as it indicates that a body is preparing for breastfeeding.

28 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

At 28 weeks a woman may experience some new symptoms besides existing ones. Following are some 28 weeks pregnant symptoms:–

  • Cramps in legs
  • Pain in areas like joint, hips and lower back
  • Pain in round ligament
  • Bloating, Indigestion and heartburn because uterus has risen above belly button and this puts undue pressure on stomach
  • Hemorrhoids and Varicose veins
  • Constipation is very frequent because expanding uterus is exerting pressure on colon
  • False labor pains or Braxton-Hicks contractions
  • Excessive weight of baby results in frequent urination
  • Pain in chest and breathlessness because the weight of unborn baby puts excessive pressure on ribs and lungs
  • Swelling in legs and arms
  • Stretch marks on thighs, belly and hips
  • Itching on and near stretch marks on thighs, hips and belly
  • Pain in tailbone and pain in pelvic area
  • Symphysis-pubis dysfunction
  • Swelling and bleeding in gums
  • Severe pain in sciatic nerve
  • Disturbance in sleep
  • Stuffy nose
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Mood swings and depression


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