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What to Expect in Week 33 of Your Pregnancy

33 Weeks Pregnant Fetus

Thirty-Third Week of Pregnancy: Week by Week

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At the end of 33rd week of pregnancy a woman has crossed the half-way mark of her eighth month. She is now going to step in last half of her third trimester. A baby at this time is going through his/her concluding stages of development both physical and mental. Preterm birth in 33rd week has 98% survival chances without any problems or complications.

What to expect at 33 Weeks of Pregnancy

In 33rd week of a pregnancy a woman feels her uterus at least five inches above her bellybutton. Ideally a pregnant woman gains from half to one pound every week from now onwards and by this time her weight gain is nearly between twenty-two to twenty-eight pounds.

Hormone Relaxin is produced at high levels in this week so that muscles and pelvic joints loosen and body can start preparing for childbirth. This hormone relaxes other body-parts also leading to clumsiness, pain and discomfort.

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At 33 Weeks of Fetal Development

Following changes can be seen in a baby at 33 weeks pregnancy:-

  • A baby at 33 weeks is nearly 43.68 cm or 17.2 inches long and weighs nearly 1.8 kg or 4 pounds.
  • Immune system of a 33 week Fetus develops at a faster rate as antibodies are passed from a mother’s body to his so that he can successfully fight against infections and diseases
  • Bone development of a baby at 33 weeks is a continuous process as fetal skeleton hardens gradually. Skull bones do not fuse until birth so that it becomes easy for a baby to pass his head through birth-canal. In order to provide growth of tissue and proper expansion of brain, skull bones fuse when a child steps in adulthood.
  • By this week, a baby is surrounded by at least one liter amniotic fluid so as to provide protection against outside impact. It signifies proper kidney functions as a baby passes urine at a rate of 500mml/day. In pregnancy at 33 weeks nervous system and brain are fully developed whereas iron is stored by liver to help in growth of baby after birth.
  • Skin of baby becomes opaque and smooth and he/she starts looking the way he/she will look after birth.
  • In 33rd week a baby does not have enough space for his activities and he spends more time sleeping than waking. Uterine walls are now very thin and if a torch is shown on 33 weeks pregnant belly, a baby will easily determine it and move his head.

Symptoms at 33 Weeks of Pregnancy

33 Weeks Pregnancy Ultrasound

A doctor might suggest an Ultrasound in 33rd week to assess levels of amniotic fluid. If a doctor has any doubts about the baby’s position he may advice ultrasound to check its position. This scan will show exact position of a baby whether he is in normal heads down, transverse or breech position.

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