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What to Expect in Week 32 of Your Pregnancy

32 Weeks Pregnant What to expect

Thirty-Second Week of Pregnancy: Week by Week

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During 32 weeks pregnancy you are going to more exciting about your baby and fetus development. Try to take care of your healthy diet and it is very important to eat frequently. At 32 weeks an expecting mother is well settled in her eighth month. She has advanced nearly half-way in her third trimester and her date of delivery is quite near.
If circumstances force a delivery at 32 weeks, survival chances of a baby are nearly 95% without long-term issues. Many hospitals provide specialized intensive-care to aid a baby ‘breathing by artificial ventilation.

What to Expect When 32 Weeks Pregnant

An expectant mother in pregnancy at 32 weeks finds her uterus at least five inches top of her bellybutton. Levels of Relax in hormones increase at this time and it loosens muscles and joints so as to prepare a body for child-birth. This make a pregnant woman clumsy and she finds herself tripping and bumping over things.

It is better to walk softly and wear comfortable clothes to avoid unnecessary hassles and discomfort. In some cases, breasts start leaking thick liquid of yellowish color so as to prepare for breastfeeding.

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Whats My Baby Look Like at 32 Weeks

Babies at 32 weeks have normally completed most of their functions. Following changes can be seen in them at this time-

  • At 32 weeks, a baby has a pliable and soft skeleton as it goes through ossification.
  • A 32 weeks pregnant baby is nearly 16.7 inches or 42.4 cm in length and weighs 3.75 pounds
  • Lungs are still at a development stage whereas all other organs have matured and are at standby to start working as soon as a baby is born. Although his digestive tract is developed, he still receives nutrients from umbilical cord
  • 32 week fetus becomes plumper because of white layer of fat growing under his skin. Most of his downy hair disappears by this time and his hair gains some pigmentation during this period. Development of fingernails is already completed while toenails need some more time.
  • At gestational age of 32 weeks, a baby sleeps nearly 90% of his time. His activity period shortens as he gets very little space for movement. Punches, kicks and jerky movements are minimum during the day and can be felt when a mother is resting.
  • In most cases a baby has settled in his birth position of heads down by this week. In case he is still in breech or transverse position there is still time for him to change his position. Volume of amniotic fluid increases every week making it easier for a baby to change his position.

Symptoms at 32 Weeks Pregnant

Symptoms during 32nd week are as follows-

32 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

During last stages of pregnancy some doctors prefer Ultrasound to avoid any complications at time of birth. Scan shows baby in his birth position that is heads down and in some cases position might be transverse or breech also.

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